Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hunting For Churros And Meeting Elvis In Ipoh

     Reading a KL blogger’s post on churros reminded me of this delicious crunchy sweet dessert and spurred a search for churros in Ipoh. And that was how I stumbled upon Hello Elvis, an ice cream parlour that opened in February this year.
This 30-year-old building was chosen to be the premises of Hello Elvis
     Located a few shops away from Yin Woh Tong, the popular local pharmacy, along Jalan Sultan Iskandar (or Hugh Low Street, as it is known to the locals), Hello Elvis is owned by two sisters who were born in Ipoh but grew up in KL. The name Elvis was chosen in memory of their father, who was a great fan of the legendary Elvis Presley.
Nicely done over, this ice cream parlour has a cozy homely ambience.

Simple decor but pleasing to the eye

Love this little corner which reminds me of a kedai runcit

     Hello Elvis sells soft serve ice cream with lots of creative and tasty toppings like Kinder Bueno, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, wheat cereals, cheese crackers, cheese sticks, butterscotch chips, honeycomb, popcorn, crushed Oreo, pretzels, croissant and of course, the churros that I was hunting for. Prices are reasonable, hovering between RM8 and RM10.50.
     Churros, for the uninitiated, are a fried dough pastry made predominantly from choux pastry (my favourite!). Originating from Spain, churros are also popular in other countries like Portugal, France and the Philippines. Churros are usually shaped long and thin, and they can be called the Western version of yau chau gwai. Ideally eaten dipped in sinful chocolate sauce, I prefer mine freshly-fried and coated with cinnamon sugar, just the way I enjoy my doughnuts too.
     Having my churros as a mere topping on soft serve ice cream was something new to me. I certainly enjoyed my desert and would not mind returning for another fix. However, my parents found the combination a tad too sweet and would probably be happier with just the ice cream.
Curious Churros --- that's the name of my ice cream, priced at RM9.50 with a waiting time of 5-10 minutes

     But I learn that churros can also be found at Burps & Giggles. Perhaps I’ll order some after indulging in crepes at Buku Tiga Lima next door. Hmmm…a makan trip at Old Town is in order this coming school holidays.