Friday, 17 January 2014

Caving In To A Nut

        4 visits in 6 days…does this make me an addict? The thought and vision do surface in my mind ever so often. A broad grin plays on my face when I hold it in my hand. I guess I have fallen for it…hard.
        What is it that has this power to put a spell over a rational and usually prudent person? The answer lies in something small yet potent, marked or stained with a nut associated with Christmas, marketed under a name that is a combination of an astrological heavenly body and American dollars.
        Starbucks' Chestnut Macchiato…that's what's keeping me enraptured and driving me to return to the popular coffeehouse chain over and over again!
        Recently opened (on 22 December 2013), Starbucks Tambun is literally at my doorstep, thus creating convenience for me to grab a cuppa. Despite being a coffee lover, I had never been an avid fan of Starbucks or any other brand of that price bracket.   
         But when I first sipped the Chinese New Year promotion of Chestnut Macchiato, I fell head over heels. Its richness of coffee was just right, its milk steamed and stretched to perfection and the nutty taste complimented the drink beautifully. As I like my coffee less sweet, I always have it custom brewed that way. You can choose to have it hot or cold, and for once, I prefer my coffee hot.

        "Macchiato" is an Italian word that means "marked" or "stained". When the rich espresso is poured in through the foam and is mixed with the milk, it marks the drink with a brown mark on top, hence the name "macchiato".
        My first meeting with the Chestnut Macchiato was in Ampang, KL, while waiting for hubby's car to be pampered at the car spa. 3 days later, my longing for a Chestnut Macchiato resulted in me dropping hints to hubby dearest, who, as always, hastened to fulfil my desire. Acting on impulse, I dropped in at the drive-through to pick up a Chestnut Macchiato (and a Cheesy Monkey Wrap, which was sinfully yummy) on my way to work yesterday. It sure was bliss to enjoy my drink and pastry after a gruelling session in class. My fourth encounter with the addictive Chestnut Macchiato was this morning, less than 24 hours after the previous session. And this time, I introduced it to my mother, who also fell for its charms.
        Ah! When will our next rendezvous be, my beloved Chestnut Macchiato? Very soon, I guess. And my guesses are usually right.

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