Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ushering In My Fabulous Forties

     Yay! I have finally reached the big 40! I somehow feel I have been empowered, as if I have attained a certain status in life. No longer am I some young chickaloo, someone wet behind the ears or someone to trample on.
     To some, it may just be another number. But I feel differently. And I definitely intend to make it my fabulous forties, a decade of new resolutions and goals.
     During my fabulous forties, I hope to or intend to :
1.   Deepen my faith in my Lord
2.   Prioritise my health 
3.   Return to a permanent exercise regime
4.   Engage in more me-time
5.   Delight in more time with my loved ones
6.   Further my studies (guess I have been putting this off far too long)
7.   Plan seriously for an early retirement
8.   Give back more to the community
9.   Eliminate all negative elements (including people) around me
10. See, experience and revel in the wonders of the world

     Life is what we make out of it. I will endeavour to make it my fabulous forties so that when I reach  the grand 50, I can look back with a sense of pride and joy.

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