Monday, 9 November 2015

Pigging Out On Dim Sum

           Swanky Weil Hotel opened in Ipoh in December 2014 but it has taken me nearly a year to step foot in it. Taking advantage of the extra day of holiday in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration, we organised a yumcha session at Weil Hotel's Chinese restaurant, Yuk Sou Hin. Word has been spreading of its scrumptious food, which is not surprising as the kitchen is helmed by Master Chef Chung Ho Shi from Hong Kong.
Yuk Sou Hin Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant

Waiting area at the restaurant

        Yuk Sou Hin is running an eat-all-you-can dim sum promotion at RM28 per person. They have 11 steamed varieties, 6 pan fried/deep fried/baked varieties, 2 types of rice rolls, 4 different sweets and 1 type of congee on the eat-all-you-can menu sheet. In addition, they have other types of dim sum like the ubiquitous steamed prawn dumplings on their a la carte menu.
Round 1 of our orders
11 of us (colleagues, ex-colleague, ex-travel mates)
        The food took some time to arrive but the flow of conversation among the 11 of us made the wait bearable. And there were many patrons at the restaurant today, perhaps due to the fact that many are back in Ipoh for the "long" weekend.
        When the food came, we tucked in ravenously, not minding the fact that food presentation was not what one would expect at a fine dining restaurant. There were some really tasty dim sum and some that could have been better.

Some really tasty varieties :
Baked BBQ Honey Glazed Chicken Puff
Pan Fried Siew Mai with Fish Roe (my personal favourite)

Does not look tasty but this Steamed Turnip Cake was good

Some that could have been better :

Congee with Century Egg and Shredded Chicken, which was far too thick for our liking
Deep Fried Crispy Seafood Bean Curd Roll, which was very oily and didn't have much fillings 
Steamed Vegetarian Crystal Dumpling with Mushroom (the skin was too soft and the fillings were not tasty)
        All in all, we had a very enjoyable yumcha session. If you have time to spare plus a big appetite, then this is the place for you. Otherwise, other dim sum places like Ipoh Garden's Chooi Yue would be a better bet.
Group photo at the hotel lobby (minus Pn. Ng, who had left earlier) after the yumcha session


  1. Kcmoong@gmail.com9 November 2015 at 08:05

    We must go there when we have chance to meet up.....

    1. Yes!!! But we always miss each other when you're back in Ipoh!