Sunday, 24 January 2016

Bonding with Nature and Wildlife at Kangaroo Island - Part 3

Day 2 - American River Region
     Derrick had a snooze while I drove 39.8 km (31 mins) to the quiet fishing town of American River. In spite of its name, the town is neither American nor does it have a river. It was named after a group of American sealers who landed there in 1803 and camped alongside a narrow inlet from the sea, which they mistook for a river. 
     The sole reason for us making a detour there was to sample the oysters and abalini at The Oyster Farm Shop.
A simple yet popular eatery in American River

Welcome to the Oyster Farm Shop
There was a huge crowd and we had to wait quite a while for our food. We befriended a Singaporean couple, who were also doing a self-drive tour of KI. When the much-anticipated oysters arrived, we were disappointed to find that they were far too salty and were not in the league of the delectable ones we had in Tasmania, nor were they anywhere as sumptuous as those in Scotland.  However, I enjoyed the abalini, which looked and tasted just like their bigger cousins, the abalone. We were also keen to try KI's local fish, the King George whiting, which was quite delicious.
Oysters and abalini await two hungry Malaysians

Poised to tuck into the feast
Abalini and oyster shells
Grilled whiting with buttered toast and salad


  1. Thanks for introducing me to abalini, abalone's sister. Is it more pricey compared to the abalone?
    The toast and salad looks tempting too!

  2. Yeah, they were expensive after conversion (hubby forgot exactly how much) but still cheaper than abalone