Sunday, 1 January 2017

Enthusing Over "Real British Food" In Ipoh

Maria's is open daily from 5 to 11.30 p.m., except Mondays.
     Upon Lee Lean’s recommendation, we chose to dine at Maria’s SteakCafe at Greentown Business Centre for our regular meet-up. Unlike many eateries that have mushroomed up and soon dwindled away, Maria’s has been loyally serving Ipoh folk for about 16 years. It was the result of a couple’s dream to share good food with the people. Maria Tan and her late husband, Philip, picked up kitchen secrets from their travels around the world, and set up this eatery in the early 2000s. Maria’s now has two branches in KL.
     Browsing through the dog-eared menu (proof of how long this establishment has been in the business, and how popular it is), I was torn between two British favourites --- Fish And Chips and Bangers And Mash. I was attracted to the Fish And Chips because they use grouper, instead of dory. Fabian helped me to make up my mind when he ordered Bangers And Mash. When in doubt where British fare is concerned, ape the English gentleman! Derrick too decided to follow suit. Although Lee Lean usually favours Maria’s famous steaks, she opted for the Fish And Chips for a change. She generously let me have a taste, and it was really good. I’m definitely ordering this the next time round. Having said that, the Bangers And Mash was also extremely tasty.
Derrick's Mushroom Soup...simply heavenly!

Lamb and veal sausages for my Bangers And Mash (love the little pot of mustard)

Lee Lean's Fish And Chips was incredibly yummy

     I can now understand why Fabian was so excited when he first ate at Maria’s. He calls the food served there “real British food”, giving him a genuine taste of home. I too now know exactly where to go when I am missing the United Kingdom. Ah, if only they serve my favourite Toad In The Hole as well!
The beauties of the evening

Our charming Princes

A toast to a Fabulous New Year and to our friendship!


  1. I have been there once and the food is good. I like fish and chips but not with dory fish. It is always great to have a meal with friends.

  2. I must go there and try one day, Irene! Yes, like Nancy, I prefer fish and chips without the frozen dory which are normally served in other areas.. Will try the grouper fish and chips when I go .. one fine day! heheehe

    1. Do go, the food's fuss-free yet tasty. Reasonably priced too!