Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Enjoying Six And A Half

Readers have been asking me about Six And A Half after I mentioned this coffee joint in my previous blog. This has spurred me to write about the food served there.
        I first heard about this place when some friends on Facebook showed their seal of approval (by giving a ‘Like’) to this eatery. A check on their Facebook page revealed their location. This eatery and roastery, which opened some time late last year, is located at Pusat Perdagangan Canning. That’s the new block of shops between Petronas Jalan Tambun and the Siamese temple. Apparently, their name came about because that’s their closing time. But that has now changed as they also serve dinner from Fridays to Sundays (Thursdays are their off days). 
        Fans of pork would love this place as it serves many porky dishes. They even have a board that lists the health benefits of eating bacon. I think that’s more of propaganda than fact but I am sure my bacon-lover husband would love it.
        Those who are not keen on oink oink, fear not. You can also find many tasty non-pork fare here. My partner in crime (that’s my mum!) has never been keen on the four-legged creature but this is, undoubtedly, one of her favourite places for Sunday brunch.
        Our first visit here was way back at the end of February. We shared a salmon sandwich and a scone with peach and passionfruit jam. The sight of the alfalfa sprouts in the sandwich did put me off a little but one bite into it changed my mind. It was delicious! And the scone had all the right textures, definitely one of the better ones I had ever tasted outside its homeland. But their coffee (Mummy had a latte while I took a cappuccino) was definitely the winner of the day! It was so smooth and aromatic, and their coffee art was executed perfectly.
Salmon sandwich

Scone with peach & passionfruit jam



        A subsequent visit saw us sharing a platter of pancakes, honey drizzled bacon, sunny sides up and tomatoes…so yummy! It was a mixture of sweet and savoury, and that was what made all the difference. It was so good that we ordered this again the next time we went there, but we were feeling rather peckish that day so we also shared their Auntie Pam’s Quiche, which has bacon, mushroom and spinach. This was nice too, but we still prefer the quiches at Tammy’s Kitchen.
Pancakes with bacon, sunny sides up and tomatoes

Auntie Pam's Quiche

        We have since then tried their other dishes like zucchini pork ham frittata, almond croissant, passionfruit cheesecake, tomato soup and laksa pesto with seafood. These were all extremely scrumptious and we look forward to having them again. But there’s a teeny weeny problem : we have yet to try their other food like Mama’s Hot Chicken Pie, yuzu lemon curd tart with berries, 6Half Egg Benny, shakshouka with crunchy Danish, salmon en papillote, etc. Ah no, there’s a bigger problem : Six And A Half keeps updating their menu with new offerings!
Zucchini pork ham frittata

Almond croissant

Passionfruit cheesecake

Tomato soup

My favourite : laksa pesto with seafood

So Mummy, shall we go there again this Sunday?


  1. Now that I know about this place, I will make sure me and my foodie friends will make our way there one of these days. I didn't take lunch and my tummy is growling now.

    1. Go, do go and try. They open at 9 a.m. Lunch starts at 11.30 a.m. Friendly staff, good food, reasonable prices!

  2. Now that I know about this place, I will make sure me and my foodie friends will make our way there one of these days. I didn't take lunch and my tummy is growling now.