Saturday, 23 July 2016

Praying For Forgiveness

If I had been impatient or callous,
If I had been cold or unapproachable,
If I had been wilful or calculative,
If I had cut someone deep with my words,
If I had added salt to an injury,
If I had uttered idle words,
If I had criticised and caused despair,
If I had cast aspersions or had been judgmental,
If I had turned someone away because of time constraints,
If I had inflicted damage on someone's self-esteem,
If I had laughed off someone's insecurities,
If I had let my ego rule my head,
If my indifference had shattered hopes,
If my lack of empathy had left someone in the doldrums,
If my pride had stopped me from mending fences,
If my actions had caused a misunderstanding,
If my joy had been on someone's expense,
If my wants had superseded others' needs,
Dear Lord, please forgive me.

The list above was inspired by a famous hymn "An Evening Prayer" sung by Jim Reeves. It was playing as I was driving home from work one evening. It somehow evoked a sense of poignancy in me and I reflected on how our words, actions and even our inaction can have an impact on others.


  1. Beautiful evening prayer by Jim Reeves. Its been a long, long time since I have listen to this song by Jim Reeves. Good for us to reflect and pray on these words every now and then. Thanks for sharing the song, Irene.

    1. Most welcome. I love his voice, and especially when he sings Christian songs. When I play them in the car, it's so soothing. The maniac drivers can speed on all they like, I would be happily driving in my own world.

  2. Amen.. indeed I need those forgiveness too... sometimes I hurt people with my words and actions without realizing.
    By the way, Irene, you have guessed correctly in my post! I would like to give you a small gift, either we go out for a meal or if you prefer, do drop me an email so that I can send you something. I prefer to see you in real actually. :) My email is Thank you!

    1. Indeed. I do many of those things I listed, unintentionally, but still others are hurt or affected.
      Yay!!! Thanks. Yes, I would love to meet up with you too, so for the gift, can I take a raincheck? We must meet up one day....soon...maybe one of the weekends?

    2. Great! Hope we can meet up, alright, I will let you know when I am back in Ipoh... Thanks!!