Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Focusing on the Chicken Part 2

     Continuing the focus on the chicken, I present to you one of my staples for brunch —- shredded chicken on wanton noodles. Many stalls selling wanton noodles would have this in their menu, but not all of them can dish up a delicious fare. In Ipoh, I have found three establishments that serve an excellent plate of shredded chicken on wanton noodles.

Restoran Tet Shin
27, Jalan Yau Tet Shin
     Fong Yee, a petite and sweet lady in her early 60s, has been selling wanton noodles since I was a little girl. She used to operate from another coffee shop a few streets away (opposite old Fohsan). Even if I neglect to specify that I do not want my noodles drenched in gravy, she can remember exactly the way I like my shredded chicken and mushroom wanton noodles. Her noodles are very springy and the shredded chicken is extremely well-marinated, with a tinge of cooking wine.
Fong Yee's extremely sedap noodles

Restoran & Kafe New Weng Fatt
1, Lebuh Taman Ipoh, Ipoh Garden South
     Mr. Lam’s wanton noodles stall is called Weng Kee Gopeng Mee. His father has a very famous wanton noodles stall in Old Town, and the family decided to spread their wings to this part of Ipoh. His shredded chicken gravy is a little gluey, but tasty nonetheless. Mr. Lam operates this stall from morning till night so this is the only stall from which I can have my shredded chicken wanton noodles day and night.
Mr. Lam's version of the noodles

Restoran Ko Pi Tim
2, Medan Ipoh 1D, Medan Ipoh Bestari

     Out of the three establishments, this is the most frequented because of its proximity to my parents’ place and there are many other noteworthy stalls here that interest my parents (who are not as zealous over shredded chicken wanton noodles as I am). The noodles are also cooked al-dente and when topped with the yummy combination of shredded chicken and mushroom, it makes me dig in with fervour. Unlike the other two stalls, this one also offers another firm favourite of mine — curry chicken with wanton noodles. If I can throw caution to the wind, I would order this every single occasion, but I restrain myself for fear of clogging up my arteries with the scrumptious curry.
I order this toong ku kai see noodles at least once  week.

The incredibly delicious curry chicken noodles, which I only get to enjoy once in a blue moon


  1. We used to frequent the 1st wanton noodle stall since when they were opposite the old Foh San, even after they have shifted to Tet Shin. But lately, some of my friends have complained about the inconsistent quality and freshness of the shredded chicken. Fortunately for hubby and I, we were spared the unpleasant experience. One of my favourite is curry chicken or pork rib wanton noodle.

  2. Oh, we've been lucky as well. Never had an unpleasant experience there. Having pork ribs with wanton noodles is my hubby's favourite. He likes to go to Wan Loi Noodles, Ipoh Garden South for that.
    Guess what I had for breakfast this morn? Shredded chicken noodles at the 3rd shop....hahahahah!

  3. Hey Irene! Thank you for sharing these 3 yummylooking wanton noodles.. I have yet to find one that I love to eat... Yes, I have been to the Gopeng wanton noodles in Old Town, I didn't know his son is selling at this Sun Weng Fatt... will definitely go and try one of these days...

    1. I love wanton noodles, with just the wanton, with dumplings ("sui kau"), with shredded chicken & mushroom, with spare ribs, and most of all, with curry chicken!
      Yes, the Gopeng wanton noodles branch in Ipoh Garden has been around for about 3 or 4 years already.