Friday, 21 July 2017

Witnessing "Muhibbah"

       Both my dad and my hubby frequent the same Indian barber, who operates from half a shoplot. Rajen's shop does not have the eye-catching revolving red and white helical stripes of the barber's pole. But he embraces patronage with colourful words of welcome in Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Tamil and excellent embodiment of the 1Malaysia spirit. Interestingly, the name of his shop is Muhibah (misspelt with one b less), which means goodwill, friendship and affection.
     Whilst waiting for hubby to have his haircut today, I witnessed a truly muhibbah scene. A feeble old Chinese uncle was tottering towards the barber shop. Upon seeing that, a young Indian man rushed out to render assistance. After being seated, the Chinese uncle grasped his Good Samaritan's hand in gratitude. The Indian man's simple act of kindness was spontaneous and was not to put on a show. But it spoke volumes of one's goodwill for another man, with nary a thought for race.
     I have always felt that Rajen's shop is rather cramped and cluttered, with hardly any room to swing a cat around. I usually pray that the haircut can be completed as soon as possible, before more customers crowd in. But as hubby and I left the barber shop today, the thought of "thank goodness it's done" was not in my mind. It was the sight of the Chinese uncle still smiling at the young Indian man (and at me, perhaps for holding the door open for him) and the reciprocal slightly shy smile of the young Indian man that filled my mind and warmed my heart today.
At Rajen's shop



  1. This shop is rather familiar to me too... my late hubby also used to go there last time together with my sons who were very young then. Sometimes small little gestures like these can brighten up our days!

  2. You have witnessed a very touchy and heart warming scene which thankfully is still alive in today's world. I used to take my sons to the barber shop but now they have all grown up. Have a happy day!