Friday, 1 September 2017

Conquering the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

       Our visit to Genting Highlands after a lapse of around eight years was mainly to see the storm of hype surrounding the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. Being South East Asia's first hilltop premium outlets centre, the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets is run by the Simon Property Group, which is the name behind Arundel Mills, Chicago Premium Outlets, Napa Premium Outlets, San Francisco Premium Outlets, Johor Premium Outlets and many others.
    The Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, which opened its doors to the public on 15 June 2017, features many brand names that caught our attention. Hubby and I were keen to pick up more sportswear so our main focus was on Skechers and Adidas.
Whee! Zipping over and past many buildings in Genting Highlands

The cable cars of Awana Skyway
     From our hotel, we made our way through the new SkyAvenue shopping mall to reach the Awana Skyway station. Taking the 10-minute 2.8-kilometre long cable car ride down to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets was another new experience as the Awana Skyway was only open last year. Previous visits to Genting Highlands involved travelling on the Genting Skyway, which is 3.4 kilometres long. The Awana Skyway has 99 gondolas, 10 of which are fitted with glass floors. We noticed that USB ports are available in the gondolas for charging of smartphones and other devices. The ticket is priced at RM8 for a one-way journey.
     Thanks to my premium outlets-savvy friend, I had earlier downloaded the Simon application onto my phone, registered as a member and received an e-mail verifying my registration. By flashing the e-mail at the Information Centre, I was given a Savings Passport, which entitled me to more discounts at certain outlets.
It's just a leaflet but does offer some good additional discounts.

     Our first stop was at Adidas, which was having a grand sale. So there was a queue to enter the outlet. In spite of the crowd, we managed to find what we wanted. We then turned our attention to Skechers as I needed a second pair of sports shoes. Hubby too was captivated and converted (I still remember how he scoffed at me buying my first pair of Skechers last year). 
     We explored all three levels of the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, named as High Street, Middle Street and Low Street. It was truly a day of fruitful shopping and we had spent almost 6 hours there!
First day's haul!
The final purchase was an unexpected one. I had not planned on even entering the Coach outlet as there was, predictably, a long queue outside. But hubby literally dragged me to join the queue and we finally left the outlet with a Blake 25 in red bubble leather.
Hubby chose this for me

     Before calling it a day at the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, I dropped by at the Information Centre again to collect a total of 10 free cable car tickets. Being kiasu, we descended there again the next day but left empty-handed. Hubby had his sights on a Tumi backpack for work and after checking out of our hotel on the third day, we utilised our free tickets to visit the Genting Highland Premium Outlets for the third time to make the purchase.
     All in all, we went (came), we saw, we conquered!


  1. Looks like you had a very fruitful trip to Genting. Love the nice cold air there!

    1. It was definitely more fun than we had imagined it would be. Yes, we loved the cold air too.

  2. Now make me want to visit Genting.
    Haha. Plan to go maybe next year or a year later. Bring kids to the theme park. Should be completed by then.

    1. Yes, that's a terrific idea. When u go once it's open, there'll be loads of people. Wait a little longer, then hopefully, the crowd will not be so crazy.