Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Lavishing on Lobsters in Genting Highlands

Located at Level 1 of the new SkyAvenue Mall
        A name that has been generating a buzz in Genting Highlands is Burger & Lobster, a restaurant that was established in London back in 2011. It is the brainchild of 4 schoolmates and was conceived on a rooftop in London. Their plan was to just focus on one or two main ingredients (burger and lobster) and dish up perfect renditions of them. 

        With branches worldwide, in Stockholm, New York, Dubai and others, we Malaysians can  hold our heads high that Burger & Lobster chose Genting Highlands to be the location of its first outlet in South East Asia. Their lobsters are flown in live from Nova Scotia while their burgers are made from supreme halal-grade beef from Australia. 
        A comparison with their London restaurant menu shows that Burger & Lobster, Genting Highlands, has creatively tweaked their menu to suit local tastebuds. Their one-page menu offers 3 types of burgers, 3 different ways of indulging in the lobsters, a selection of 3 lobster rolls, and a choice of 3 desserts to end your meal. For each, there are 2 different prices as the lower price is for GentingRewards members.
This is displayed at the front of the restaurant where the queue is formed. There is also a Chinese version, probably to cater to the many Mainland China tourists.

        On our 2nd night in Genting Highlands, hubby and I joined the 12-minute queue to dine here. Hubby chose to have The Original grilled lobster with lemon and garlic butter. As he's an expert in digging into crabs, ravishing their crustacean cousin was not a mean task for hubby. After all, Burger & Lobster also provides patrons with a lobster cracker and a lobster pick. And oh, by the way, a lobster bib is also handed out so that clothes do not get soiled even when hands get dirtied. I decided to cheat - to have my lobster and yet not having to patiently dig for the meat. Therefore, my choice was the Seven Samurai Lobster Roll.
The crowd at Burger & Lobster

Hubby is poised to feast on his grilled lobster

Can't wait to sink my teeth into my lobster roll

        I usually delight in watching hubby devour his crabs, but that night, I was too enthralled by my own meal. My toasted brioche roll was bursting with the chilled lobster meat that had been tossed well with the seven spices sauce. It was so yummy, and I would not hesitate to order this again on a subsequent visit. When hubby tasted my food, he too agreed it was finger-licking good. He enjoyed his grilled lobster, but conceded that mine was a better deal. 😃
        It was indeed a lavish dinner but most importantly, we both enjoyed it very much. And life is meant to be enjoyed. La Bonne Vie!
Hubby made me pose like this...his pet rabbit, apparently!  😜



  1. I did not get the chance to visit and dine in London. Too rush.

    Yup heard of the outlet in Genting. Could not wait to taste it when I go to Genting.

    Your hubby lobster platter looked so good. Haha

    1. Yes, must go to the one here in Malaysia then!

  2. Hey Irene, next time I want to try your order.... Now I am drooling...

    1. I would order mine, all over again. It was really good!!!