Sunday, 3 September 2017

Going Porky in Genting Highlands

                  Besides shopping, our recent Genting Highlands trip enabled us to delight in some good food. My blogger friend, Claire, raved about Go Noodle House and its legendary Chinese Imperial noodles. So I cajoled hubby into having a go.
         As with all the good eateries, there was a queue to gain entry into Go Noodle House, located on Level 4 of the new SkyAvenue Mall. To order your food, firstly, you choose your noodles. There are only two types of noodles to choose from : Yunnan style mi xian (米 線) or meehoon (米粉). Next, you pick your soup. You can opt for either superior soup (三鲜汤) or homemade spicy soup (秘制辣香汤). Finally, you select your treasures (pork balls, pork belly slices, clams, scallops, prawns, fish, etc.).
          Treasures for oink oink lovers like hubby and I would naturally be pork. I ordered the Bursting Meat Ball mi xian in superior soup (RM14.50) while hubby went for Pork Belly Slices mi xian in superior soup (RM16.90), adding another portion of pork belly slices for RM8.50. My Bursting Meat Balls have hot fillings in them, just like Fuzhou fish balls, which are also available here at Go Noodle House.
My Bursting Meat Balls mi xian in superior soup

Hubby's Pork Belly Slices mi xian in superior soup

Our choices must be good as they are featured in the menu

          One bite into the silky smooth noodles, which are completely different from the usual mi xian that you buy from grocery shops or from Sitiawan, and we were both hooked. The flavourful fish-based soup with a hint of Chinese wine was so good that hubby kept slurping it up, long after he had finished his noodles and pork belly slices. Hubby and I often practise barter trade, whereby I offer him some of my food in exchange for some of his. In that way, we can sample more variety. So he had one of my Bursting Meat Balls, which he agreed were really tasty. And I had a huge slice of his pork belly, which was tender and juicy.
           We were excited to note that Go Noodle House has its tentacles at many places, including 1Utama, Pavilion, Avenue K, Mid Valley Megamall, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. Hopefully, a branch will be opened in Ipoh soon.


  1. One here in JB city square, my girl told me... Going to try one of these days... I like their crispy fuchok.. Did you order those? :)

    1. My hubby was eager to order that. Bad wifey told him it's oily, cholesterol-laden, blah blah blah, so poor hubby didn't order that in the end. :(

  2. Fuzhou meatballs are huge in general but I am not a big fan because of the fillings. Tasted once in Sibu.

    I would go fo the superior broth too. Must be tasty.

    1. Yes, the superior broth is really good. Hubby, who is of Fuzhou descent, only learned to like and appreciate Fuzhou fish balls of late. But I think these meat balls are even better than the fish balls.

  3. Looks delicious! Hope it will have one branch in Ipoh soon!